Moron Starbucks Bomber Inspired By ‘Fight Club’

OK, the second rule of Fight Club is, don’t be a homicidal pinhead and try to imitate one of the characters from Fight Club. Kyle Shaw, the misguided teenager charged with bombing a Manhattan Starbucks on Memorial Day, said that he was inspired by the character that Brad Pitt played in the 1999 film.

No one was hurt in the May 25 attack, when a homemade explosive device police say was planted by Shaw ripped a hole in a wooden bench outside the Starbucks. And thus we learn a valuable lesson: When you attempt to imitate a movie in which Meat Loaf is a main character, expect mixed results. Well, maybe when Shaw gets out of jail the UFC can use him as training fodder.


Kyle Shaw, 17, of W. 27th St. was charged with planting the homemade explosive device that ripped through the eatery on E. 92nd St. and Third Ave.

The recent high school graduate modeled his deviant behavior on the anti-social character played by Brad Pitt in the movie “Fight Club,” cops said.

Kyle Shaw

(Kyle Shaw)

Police say Shaw had told his friends to watch the news on the day of the explosions, and may even have set up fight clubs in the Manhattan area. Of course these days we call such clubs Mixed Martial Arts, where the participants get big bucks fighting at Mandalay Bay.

In the movie, Pitt plays Tyler Durden, a soap salesman who creates Project Mayhem. Quote: “Only after disaster can we be resurrected.” Of course what Shaw fails to recognize is that Durden was actually a warped figment of Edward Norton’s imagination, and to anyone’s knowledge, never played hacky-sack.