Morning Sickness: New Staples Ctr LeBron Sign?!

Brilliant marketing move by Nike this morning in Los Angeles as Beaverton’s brightest lights install an enormous banner of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James on the front, highest-profile facade of Staples Center:

Nike LeBron Kobe Banner Goes Up On Staples Center

As noted by L.A. sports reporter Arash Markazi, the banner shows cartoon caricatures of Bryant and James “dunking on that reindeer.


In a pre-Christmas marketing blitz, Nike released a marketing campaign with the same theme.

But in June? The day after the Lakers win the NBA title?

There’s quite literally no reason Nike or Staples Center Owners AEG can give this morning for such an affront to Lakers fans and humanity at large.

Don’t care if it’s a make-good or if Nike had nothing to do with the timing.

Again, there’s zero explanation for this - even if the Lakers marketing department had something to do with it.

Absolutely disgusting.