Morgan Pressel photo golf Purdue football closed

• WAGGLE ROOM has found a new looker on the ladies’ links in Morgan Pressel:

Morgan Pressel

• The Mighty MJD bids a fond farewell to DEADSPIN.

• The LAFAYETTE JOURNAL & COURIER snuck in to discover that Joe Tiller is closing Purdue football practices to keep away those meddling bloggers:

Purdue Pete computer

• MAINICHI DAILY NEWS breaks the news that sumo wrestlers in Japan want the right to get behind the wheel - if they can actually fit.

• SPORTS HERNIA teases us with hair-raising news about John Kruk’s deflated ‘do:

John Kruk MLB shampoo

• As a public service, PART MULE offers these helpful handy hints for fantasy football fun.

• Sounds of the ’70s: ERIC IDLE and friends sing a song dedicated to English soccer supporters:

Eric Idle soccer

• After witnessing ESPN’s new offering, “Who’s Now?”, ARMCHAIR GM offers back, “Who Cares?“.

If he wasn’t studly enough before by impregnating supermodels and whatnot, the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS tells us that Tom Brady is now a Stetson man:

Tom Brady Stetson

• MICHIGAN SPORTS CENTER is proud to proclaim that their Wolverines will soon be getting the “White Reggie Bush“.