Morgan Pressel Has Coming Out Party At Dinah While Carmen Electra Remains In Closet

TEENIE’S COMING OUT PARTY; CARMEN REMAINS IN CLOSET: Congrats to 18-year-old Morgan “Body By McNuggets” Pressel, who claimed her first LPGA Tour victory yesterday at the Nabisco Dinah Shore Classic.

Morgan Pressel Dinah Shore Chicken Nuggets

Pressel was probably a little tender for the tastes of the legions of lesbians who descended on Palm Springs for the same weekend, but Carmen Electra is a different story.

Carmen Electra Dinah Shore

Our Book Of Scrap notes that she was due to make a “big announcement” during her visit to The Dinah festivities last weekend (presumably to announce she is a lesbian and dating Joan Jett).

Joan Jett Carmen Electra

But thankfully for the sake of prospective male, tatted-out D-listers, she has since announced she’s still holed up in the House of Hetero. But I’m wondering if the above promo girls, who were stationed at The Dinah throughout the weekend, made Electra a little more than bi-curious.