Score Not Settled On Bosox Buried Stadia Remains

If current rumors are true, the entire new Yankee Stadium foundation has been constructed from Red Sox memorabilia, mostly edible hot dogs, and hundred dollar bills from New York City taxpayers. So far, though, only the latter can be proven and is still the most damaging to the city. Still, guess which one we’re excited about today? (No, not the hot dogs, funny clown.)

Gino Castignoli as Johnny Appleseed

Gino Castignoli, famed David Ortiz jersey stasher, now can’t stop telling everyone he knows that he also buried a 2004 ALCS scorecard at the new Yankee Stadium construction site, according to MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann. Did this guy show up for his only day of work with a satchel of Red Sox memorabilia and skip around the site, sprinkling it everywhere like Johnny F. Appleseed?

If this adorable doofus really wanted to jinx the Yankees, why didn’t he bury a copy of the Opening Day New York Yankees roster at the new Yankee Stadium? Look how it’s tearing down the old Stadium. The Yankees might as well give Jason Giambi a sledgehammer instead of a bat. He’ll miss just as much, but the sledgehammer will get a good walk out of the experience.

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