More New Pics Of Sahel Kazemi, McNair’s Mistress

Here’s a couple more new photos of Sahel Kazemi, the 20-year-old mistress of Steve McNair.

Sahel Kazemi Thong Bikini Photo Steve McNair Mistress

Both were found dead in McNair’s downtown Nashville condo on Saturday.

Another photo of Kazemi with McNair’s Escalade after the jump.

Sahel Kazemi Photos Bikini On Top Of Escalade Steve McNair Bought For Her

I’ll have more new info to post about the McNair case later today.

Where are all the ace NFL reporters from ESPN, Fox and NBC on this case? Surely they can tap their sources for info on McNair’s alternative lifestyle? Not saying that they could give insight into nature of the killings, but at the very least, they might be able to confirm McNair’s extra marital dalliances.

Then again, when you derive hundreds of millions in ad revenue from broadcast partnerships with the NFL, I guess you aren’t in a big hurry to report on the league’s ugly, open secret. Obviously McNair is far from alone on this one.

*Goes back to watching CNN*