More NCAA Heat For Indiana’s Kelvin Sampson

ESPN’s Andy Katz is reporting that Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson may have lied about phone calls when the university self-reported violations, meaning further problems for the beleaguered coach.

Kelvin Sampson

This investigation comes after Sampson had already been punished by the school for more illegal phone calls at IU while he was already on probation for similar offenses at his last coaching gig in Oklahoma.

The prior tempest came when former assistant coach Rob Senderoff started three-way calls with recruits, which Sampson was banned from taking part in. Now, whatever else the NCAA deems to have found will be known in June at a hearing:

“A postseason ban for the Hoosiers would come into play only if IU decided to self-impose such a measure since the committee on infractions won’t meet until June. According to multiple sources, a postseason ban would only occur if there were an issue with the eligibility of any current student athletes.”

So, at least that appears to be a positive right now. I have a hard time believing that Sampson’s the only one with phone issues in the college game — he may be one of the rare few who get caught and/or investigated, and the news comes as his Hoosiers are doing well in an underachieving Big 10 this year.