More masterpieces of new SbB Girl Cora: …

More masterpieces of new SbB Girl Cora:

Behind-the-scenes at a near-tragic SbB photo shoot!:

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Update by Paul Katcher: In a recent NEW YORK POST interview, John Elway showed he’s not the most discerning Hollywood fan.

First, he says his favorite actress is Elizabeth Hurley, a pretty good answer if you’re 22 years old and cruising Blockbuster aisles on a lonely Friday night.

Second, he says his favorite TV show is “The Munsters,” which is interesting on three counts:

a) Is there another person alive whose favorite show is “The Munsters?”

b) After giving a cheeseball answer like Liz Hurley as favorite actress, it’s a wonder “Baywatch” isn’t his favorite show.

c) How could Elway pass up a chance to give a shout-out to his likeness, Mr. Ed?