More Fun Homophobic Slurs With Larry Johnson

It’s not often that someone defends himself on charges of using a gay epithet by slinging yet another gay epithet. But this is Larry Johnson we’re talking about, and LJ don’t perform for the amusement of The Man. He’s also four kinds of insane.

Larry Johnson

GLADD and OUTSPORTS.COM have both lined up against Johnson this afternoon after word got out that he used another derogatory word for gays while shooing reporters out of the locker room after practice today. Reporters were trying to ask him about an angry Twitter exchange last night in which he called a fan a “fag,” and “Christopher Street boy.” Johnson said he wouldn’t talk about it … and added one unfortunate phrase.

On Monday, Johnson refused to talk with reporters in the locker room, saying quote, “I’m not talking til Thursday.” Then, reporters heard Johnson whisper, “Get your faggot ass out of here.”

Coach Todd Haley met with reporters this afternoon. He said the Chiefs were looking into several things. He also said  how players conduct themselves with and through the media is important to him as the coach and to the organization.

Haley talked about it to KMBZ today, saying that “steps were being taken” to address the problem.

Meanwhile, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is calling for the NFL to punish Johnson.

“All too often this is the word that is used to ridicule and harass young gay and transgender athletes on local sports fields across America,” GLAAD president Jarrett Barrio said.

“Professional athletes who use this word need to be held accountable for feeding a climate of intolerance toward our community. NFL officials need to take action and condemn this and future uses of this anti-gay epithet.”

Sites such as OUTSPORTS.COM also were not amused.

If Johnson wants to leave the Chiefs this badly, aren’t there other less painful ways of doing it? And what if he lands in San Francisco? Didn’t consider that, did you, twinkletoes?