More Athletes Using Personal Blogs To Speak Their Mind

ATHLETES TAKING IT TO THE PEOPLE THROUGH BLOGGING: The sports blog nation keeps growing and growing, as more athletes are taking a more direct route to the fans with their personal sites:

Kobe Typing Aid

The LOS ANGELES TIMES tells how sports stars are turning to their blogs to speak their minds and tell it like they think it is, and lessening their reliance on mainstream media to get their words across.

Kobe Bryant used his site to explain his side of the story during this year’s trade rumors. Tiger Woods used his personal pages to announce the birth of his daughter, while Greg Oden told the terrors of his tonsil removal on his blog.

Tiger Woods Greg Oden

Will Leitch of DEADSPIN says the athletes can be seen in a positive light if they know what they’re doing with their sites - “The mistake is when you see people that still have their college MySpace profile up and all of a sudden they are in the NFL or MLB.”

Sometimes athletes need to be careful what they type (or dictate) on their outlets, lest they be held up for ridicule or contempt.

But the ones who’ll likely harbor the most comtempt are sports news organizations, as the use of blogs enable these athletes to speak to the public directly and cut out the middlemen reporters.