Moped Wreck Costs Monta Ellis 30 Games, Dignity

These are dark days for Golden State and their faithful. They lost Baron Davis to free agency, then accomplished precisely nothing on the free agent market to replace Davis. Then their star guard, Monta Ellis, went down with a serious ankle injury.


It eventually came out that Ellis’s tweaked ankle came from wrecking his scooter, which is sad on multiple levels. It’s costing Ellis the first three months of the season as he rehabs the ankle, and now it’s costing him 30 games of pay:

The Golden State Warriors have suspended guard Monta Ellis for 30 games for violating Paragraph 12 of the Uniform Player Contract, it was announced today by team president Robert Rowell.

The suspension will take effect immediately and will extend through the team’s Dec. 17 contest against the Indiana Pacers.

If you’re thinking something’s amiss, you win the prize! Ellis’s suspension won’t last nearly as long as his rehab, which means this decision by the team won’t really cost Ellis one more minute of playing time.

It does, however, reintroduce Ellis and his moped injury to the news cycle one more time, which is a joy for us all. Because Monta Ellis hurt himself on a moped. A moped. This thing. A professional athlete was riding one of these on purpose.

We hope two things for Ellis: One, that his ankle heals quickly and perfectly so that he may resume his domination. And two, that he never gets on a freaking moped ever again.