Moose Trample On Plans For Norwegian Ski Race

Now here’s something we hope you really like: An annual ski race in Norway has been canceled on account of moose.

Rocky and Bullwinkle moose sign

GOSSIP ON SPORTS slides over an AFTENPOSTEN report that the Rindhovda Rundt, a traditional trek through the valley of Gudbrandsdalen, won’t be held this year, due to the dangers of accidents with the antlered animals.

Up to 40 moose (meese?) have recently been spotted on the same ski trails that the race would use. Although they’ve already purchased awards and put together an event staff, organizers decided they don’t want skiers to risk collisions with the massive mammals - or accompanying aerial bombardments by flying squirrels.

Rocky the Flying Squirrel Boris Badenov

Word is race organizers are in talks with certain parties that promise to take care of the moose problem.

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