Moore’s Confusion: “I’ve Never Heard Cecil Talk”

Yesterday I reported that WZZN-FM radio host Scott Moore has recently touted on several major radio outlets in the past week the existence of audio “tapes” that could possibly further incriminate the Auburn football program and implicate the Tennessee football program with the NCAA.

WZZN 104.5 The Zone Huntsville Scott Moore

Of those tapes, allegedly owned by former Mississippi State players and current boosters John Bond and Bill Bell, Moore told WNSP-FM in Mobile last Friday:

“They’ve (Bond and Bell) got tapes that exist that has Cam Newton in the room with his dad talking about these deals. You have got him (Cam) present in the room while his dad (Cecil) is on the phone trying to shop his son around. That’s a fact.”

Subsequent to Moore’s numerous, remarkably detailed claims, a source who has spoken to both Bond and Bell about the so-called “tapes” confirmed to me that no tapes in their possession contain Cecil Newton’s voice. Bell has electronic audio file recordings of voicemail messages from Kenny Rogers and Bond has a copy of those files. Those voicemails contain no additional information or evidence that would further incriminate Auburn with the NCAA.

This morning Moore appeared on Cole Cubelic’s WZZN-FM morning show in Huntsville to once again discuss the “tapes.”

Less than a week after claiming as “fact” that Bond and Bell had tapes, that has Cam Newton in the room with his dad (Cecil Newton) talking about these deals,” Moore said today he had not authenticated the tapes allegedly in the possession of Bond and Bell.

Further, Moore verified on WZZN this morning that he has never actually heard Cecil Newton’s voice - despite Moore’s previous, repeated claims Cecil Newton’s voice was contained on the “tapes.”


“Did you hear Cecil Newton’s voice on the tapes?”


“I’ve heard a voice on that tape that said there’s an offer for $180,000 from Auburn and this is Cecil Newton … this is what I’ve been told was Cecil Newton. And, uh, I’ve never heard Cecil talk before, uh, I can do a pretty good job recognizing voices, that’s what I do but I was told by these guys (Bond and Bell) that this was Cecil talking and Kenny Rogers is on these tapes as well. I’m going based on what I’ve heard.

“… I wanna authenticate that voice. If that was Cecil Newton talking which you know I’ve been told it was, I believe it was but if I’m going to play this on the air and we’re going to talk about this on the air then let’s get that voice authenticated. Let’s make sure that’s who it is. Then we can all come to the same conclusion. Let’s find out who is on that tape, who’s saying it, why he’s saying and let’s all make the same conclusion and we’ll never know that until we get out there and play this stuff.”

Is it unreasonable to observe that perhaps Moore should’ve authenticated the voice of Cecil Newton on the “tapes” allegedly in the possession of Bond and Bell before making incredibly damaging and possibly slanderous claims against Cam and Cecil Newton, Auburn University and the University of Tennessee on numerous occasions across a wide array of main media outlets?

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