Monty: Fight With Tabloid Over Embarrassing Pix?

Over the past 48 hours I’ve been told by several reliable U.S. and U.K. golf media sources that Colin Montgomerie is allegedly in a legal battle with the British tabloid NEWS OF THE WORLD.

Colin Montgomerie

That court fight allegedly involves embarrassing photos of Montgomerie obtained by the U.K. tabloid. In order to block the supposed photos from being published by NOTW, Montgomerie has allegedly obtained an injunction from London’s high court.

Montgomerie’s situation is no secret in U.K. media circles, but reports have yet to surface across the pond. A U.K. media source told me today that a pre-emptive superinjunction – which prevents the existence of an injunction from being made public – may be the reason for the lack of reportage on the subject. (All of that legal manuevering though does not apply to non-U.K. media outlets.)

The alleged court order may explain why Montgomerie, who also publicly apologized back in June for an extramarital affair, is now suddenly being asked - again - if he planned to resign his post as European Ryder Cup team captain.

Last Saturday when asked if he was considering quitting, the LONDON DAILY MAIL reported this from Montgomerie:

“I don’t know where that might have come from. I’ve no idea. It’s the greatest honour that can be bestowed on any European golfer and I’ve loved every minute of being captain and of having the opportunity to captain a winning team. I think that people who say these things are completely out of bounds.

‘There is no way that I have ever thought of doing anything like that. It’s a great honour. I have the respect of my three vice-captains and, I’m sure, the respect of the 12 players who will play under me. We’ll have a great time and hopefully win the thing back.’

Montgomerie has “no idea” where the suddenly new suggestion that he could resign “might have come from“?

From what I’ve been told by multiple, independently corroborative sources, Montgomerie may know more about the origin of that new line of questioning than he’s letting on.