Monty: Court Gagged Pics, Vids Of ‘Sexual Nature’

Tuesday I reported that European Ryder Cup Captain Colin Montgomerie had been granted an injunction by London’s high court to gag U.K. media outlets from publishing embarrassing photos of him.

Paula Tagg Colin Montgomerie Photos

Wednesday I reported that Montgomerie’s former girlfriend, Paula Tagg, was thought to be the person behind the possible embarrassing material featuring Montgomerie.

Sports Illustrated’s reported today that Montgomerie was indeed granted that injunction in London on July 8, with it applicable only to material in Tagg’s possession.

The gag order, reportedly granted by Mr. Justice Eady, legally bars Tagg from revealing, “the private details of a personal, intimate and sexual relationship … concerning acts of a sexual nature … any such information recorded in the form of a photograph or still image or moving images.

Tagg is also forbidden to release emails, letters, text messages and voicemails that include Montgomerie to the United Kingdom press.

When asked about an injunction against Tagg yesterday at a PGA Championship press conference in Wisconsin, Montgomerie said:

Excuse me, I’m here to talk about The Ryder Cup, okay. So please, no further questions on that or any other subject regarding anything — or anything regarding my private life. By definition that is private.”

What will be most interesting is if Tagg chooses to release anything about Montgomerie outside the U.K., as the injunction does not prevent such action. Depending on the price of such material, I can’t imagine there wouldn’t be an American or continental European outlet interested.

One thing is almost for certain, if any material is released, it’ll come before the Ryder Cup tees off Oct. 1 in Wales.