Montana Football Fans Like To “Toss Twinkies”

A lot of schools have their little traditions when their team scores a touchdown. At some schools, guys in the stands kiss their girlfriends. At others, the students pick up a female fan and throw her up in the air once for each point the team has scored. But no tradition is as tasty as what they do at University of Montana.


Every time the hometown Grizzlies score a touchdown in Missoula, a group of fans engage in something called “tossing your Twinkies.” It’s pretty self-explanatory. Score a touchdown, throw some Twinkies around the stands. But, considering how many points the Grizz score on an average Saturday, there are some serious calories flying around.

The MISSOULIAN’s John Smithers (via the GRAND FORKS HERALD) has the story of a gameday ritual that is as expensive as it is delicious:

After every Grizzly touchdown and extra point - and only then - the guys rip open boxes of the goodies and begin flinging them to fans in 107 and nearby sections.

At a minimum, they’ll go through 40 boxes (or $100) a game - depending on how much the Montana offense cooperates.

Montana averages 34 points per game this year and hosts Weber State in the FCS quarterfinals this Saturday (a playoff — how novel).  Weber handed the Grizz their only loss of the year back on October 4th.

The Twinkie tossing has been going on in Missoula since the ’90s, and is the work of fans Brian Horner and Patrick Mourar. At first, the group (which included Horner, Mourar, and some other pioneering fans) threw cookies around, but an “incident” at Idaho State in 2002 forced the group to switch to something softer.

The group, which sits behind the opposing team’s bench, says that visiting players get caught up in the excitement:

“Teams, when they come in here, they think it’s amazing,” Horner said. “They’ve never seen anything like it. Some of them end up asking for Twinkies.”

And the cake quadrant is glad to oblige - as long as the visiting coaches say it’s OK.

However, the group always saves some treats for Montana’s players of the game:

And when a player has an exceptional game, the guys will seek them out on the field afterward.

“When Chase Reynolds had his breakout game (against Central Washington) earlier this year, we hunted him down. He was like, ‘It’s about time,’” Mourar said.

In other news, Charlie Weis is reportedly interested in a spot on the Grizzlies’ staff when he finally gets axed by Notre Dame.