Monster Truck Shows Are Becoming Dangerous

There was a time when the only things in danger at a monster truck rally were the cars who were about to be trampled underneath the tires of trucks like Grave Digger. Those times are changing, and the name Grave Digger has taken on a whole new meaning.

George Eisenhart Jr.

(George Eisenhart Jr. - the latest monster truck show fatality)

A week and a half ago, there was a six-year-old boy and an adult man who were both struck in the head by metal debris that flew off of a truck during a show in Tacoma, Washington. The six-year-old, Sebastian Hizey, would not survive the incident. Now for the second time in ten days somebody has lost their life at a monster truck show, though at least this time it wasn’t a spectator.


A Monster Truck & Thrill Show announcer who was struck by a truck during an event Saturday night at the Dane County Coliseum has died of his injuries, officials said.

Killed was George Eisenhart Jr., a 41-year-old from Chardon, Ohio, according to the Dane County Coroner.  Eisenhart is the show’s promoter.

According to some witnesses, Eisenhart was struck by one of the trucks and pinned against a wall by the front tire of the truck. Then there are other witnesses like Ryan Skinner who describe a more gruesome scene:

“[Eisenhart] was literally run over with the front left and rear left tire. Blood was coming from his head and he was completely unresponsive the entire time and lay like a statue.”

Eisenhart was taken to the University of Wisconsin hospital and was alive when he reached the hospital, though he would die shortly after. Ironically enough, during an interview with the Wisconsin State Journal before the show, Eisenhart assured the paper that the show was totally safe despite the death of little Sebastian Hizey a week earlier in Washington.