Monday Night Football Treats Objects Like Women

A media source has told PRO FOOTBALL TALK that Michele Tafoya and Suzy Kolber will no longer be part of the Monday Night Football crew.

MNF crew

The reasons aren’t entirely clear, but it definitely strikes a little gender imbalance into the crew.

No more boy-girl-boy-girl-boy pictures, at least for now. We can at least hope they work a little Erin Andrews into the mix, right? As for now, PFT takes a stab at the reasoning.

“Both served as sideline reporters. Tafoya worked in the same role with ABC when the ESPN sister company last aired MNF. Kolber likewise reported from the field with ESPN’s former Sunday night package. When the Monday night broadcast moved to ESPN for a whopping $1.1 billion per year, Kolber and Tafoya were both assigned to the show.

Their performance has been the subject of some criticism, especially in this space. The reports at times were heavy on pre-planned content, and light on in-game information. Also, it’s never been clear why two of them are needed.”

It’s also not known how these lads are taking the news.

*UPDATE*: PFT follows up with a statement from the Worldwide Leader about cutting Kolber & tossing Tafoya.