Jessica’s Mom: Simpson & Romo Secretly Married

Those waiting to see if Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson will actually tie the knot won’t have to wait any longer. The couple are already married.

Jessica Simpson with mom Tina Simpson

At least that’s what Jessie’s mom says.

BANG SHOWBIZ via the ARIZONA REPUBLIC reports that Tina Simpson and her superstar Dallas-jinxing daughter were leaving a Chili’s restaurant in L.A. on Tuesday (Bob’s Big Boy must have been packed), when they were approached about possible nuptials with the Cowboys QB:

Asked if Simpson was planning to marry football star Tony Romo, whom she had been dating since last November, Tina laughed and responded to the inquiry, “Jessica is already married to Tony. What are you talking about?”

In reaction to her mother’s comments, Jessica responded, “Well I guess if my mom said it, it must be true!

So, did Tony & Jess really get secretly hitched? We highly doubt it. Seems more like Mrs. Simpson is just razzing the paparazzi.

Joe Simpson Beer Helmet

Most importantly, there’s no way papa Joe is going to give up a gold mine of selling wedding photos and reception videos of the happy couple.

Of course, the gossip media failed to ask Tina the real important question: How were the new Smokehouse Bacon Burgers?