Alou: I Would Have Caught Bartman Ball After All

Last April, we wrote about Moises Alou’s apparent confession over the infamous Steve Bartman episode, as the former Chicago Cub commented that he wouldn’t have caught the ball, anyway.

Steve Bartman

Well, now Alou claims that he didn’t really say all the things he said.

Joe Capozzi of the PALM BEACH POST recently chatted with the current New York Met, and learns that Moises disputes ever having admitted that he couldn’t have caught Luis Castillo’s fly ball:

“I had it,” Alou said Wednesday in the Mets’ clubhouse. “I make that catch, (the playoffs would have been a) different story.”

Previously, the AP’s Jim Litke had written about running into Alou at a New York department store last year, where Moises made his somewhat startling confession. But Alou doesn’t recall saying such things:

“I don’t remember that,” he said. “If I said that, I was probably joking to make (Bartman) feel better. But I don’t remember saying that.”

So, can Cub fans can go back to blaming Bartman? Moises doesn’t think so:

The bottom line, Alou says: “It’s time to forgive the guy and move on. I said that the night it happened.”

As long as the World Series trophy mantle remains barren since 1908, Bartman will still be keeping company with the billy goat.