Mobile-, PC-Less Packer ‘Splains CBS Rating Drain

Michael Hiestand of USA TODAY has a piece on the sagging ratings of the NCAA basketball tournament. Lots of theories have been raised about why the recent ratings (down 12% last three years) have been down of late.

Billy Packer Mikhail Gorbachev

One such hypothesis is that online viewing has taken away from the TV numbers. Billy Packer shares that view, which is rather ironic we would say.

But online coverage, general manager Jason Vint says, should at least increase its total online users by 50% this year. And that, suggests Packer — who doesn’t have a computer or mobile phone — will prove the tournament’s appeal has been underestimated.

“The way that Nielsen ratings are measuring interest is comical — and here we have the ultimate proof (via online usage numbers). Do you mean to tell me that people who watch (online) go home and they don’t watch the game?” Packer asked. “I know people have made fun of me for years (for questioning the accuracy of TV ratings), but now we’ll find out.”

So the guy who owns no mobile or PC believes that internet viewage is the reason less people are watching the tournament on TV? How would he know?

With the new NBA rule not allowing high school seniors to enter the NBA draft in place, you would’ve thought the NCAA tournament ratings would’ve gone up recently, but they haven’t. We think we know the reason why:

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