MNF Announcing Booths Feature Johnson Jokes And Genital Jostling

MNF BOOTHS BOTH GO BELOW THE BELT ON OPENING NITE: WITH LEATHER and DEADSPIN has this unfortunate moment from Mike Ditka last night, who is now apparently feeling the effects of having been dropped as pitchman for Erectile Dysfunction drug Levitra:

Mike Ditka Dick Grab Monday Night Football

We didn’t have the audio up for the two Monday Night Football games last night, as we were instead engrossed in formulating a plan to defeat VIP-area security for Matt Leinart’s next charity bowling outing.

Matt Leinart

So thank goodness the good people at YOU BEEN BLINDED actually listened (and transcribed) yet another uniquely original comedic moment from Tony Kornheiser, Ron Jaworski and Mike Tirico:

Tony Kornheiser sign

TK: “You just mentioned Chad Johnson, Rudi Johnson, and Jeremy Johnson.
RJ: “That is correct.
MT: “And don’t forget that Landon Johnson scored a defensive touchdown.
TK: “Absolutely. And we have another story later if we can get to it about somebody almost named Johnson.
RJ: “Do you know who the biggest Johnson is?”
TK: “Noooooooo.. (Laughing)
RJ: “It’s Jeremy. He came to camp over 300 pounds. He had to lose 20 pounds before they allowed him to practice. Big fella.
TK: “I’m gonna let you have that all by yourself. (Laughing).. Followed by 13 seconds of silence in the booth.

Guess we won’t have to unstick the remote mute button (following an early morning Count Chocula episode) after all.