MN Teen Grateful for Hockey Puck to the Groin

No Nutty Buddy could have saved Andy Freeman of Eastview High (Apple Valley, MN) when he took a wrist shot to the groin in a JV hockey game last January. His protective cup was no match for rubber fired in fury. He left the game and made a beeline for the hospital. All in all, it would be safe to assume this was not Andy’s favorite day on the planet.

Hockey helmet

This assumption became rather suspect, though, when tests revealed a cancerous tumor in his left testicle. That’s when his hockey mates rallied around him. After the surgery two days later to remove the tumor, Andy returned to the ice to find his teammates sporting testicular cancer awareness stickers on their helmets. That takes balls, gentlemen.

Andy’s lacrosse teammates gave him the same honor a few months later, slapping stickers on their helmets in solidarity.

Andy does not show any signs of further cancerous cells and should be fine, though he’s now entered the same world as millions of Americans where doctors and probing devices are a constant part of his life until he’s declared cancer-free.

Still, we hope this raises your awareness of testicular cancer as well; hockey pucks make lousy cancer detectors and even Cam Neely can shoot at only so many people each day.

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