MMA Fighter Chokes Out Blogger For The Hell Of It

Who says all bloggers are guys in their pajamas, writing from their parents’ basement? Some of us are actually out there in the trenches, getting out hands dirty with some firsthand reporting. Like this here gonzo journalist, who’s on a mission to get choked out by an MMA Champion.

Choking Sign

Thanks to Dewey Hammond at HARD FOR THE YARD, but even more thanks to Frank Shamrock for choking the s**t out of Dewey for our amusement. So we’ve got YouTube videos of Kimbo Slice giving a kid a charley horse for $100, and we’ve got YouTube videos of Frank Shamrock squeezing a man’s windpipe and knocking him unconscious in seven seconds. And we thought Slice was a legitimate fighter, why? (Video after the jump.)

Dewey looks a little like Trent Green after his 8th concussion, but once he comes back to earth, he sounds like a paid advocate for the choking game. No wonder kids are so into it.

If you’re curious what it feels like to be choked unconscious, I’ll sum it up for you in one word: INCREDIBLE. If it was a drug you could take in pill form, I would pop it daily. As soon as Frank finished, I wanted him to do it again. Time slowed down. There was a musical buzzing. I had no idea if I was waking up or going dark. It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced, or at least not like anything that I’m willing to admit that I’ve tried.

Why do I feel like I ought to post an INXS video now?