MLS Thinks Its Players Can Live In New York City And Los Angeles For Less Than $13000 Per Year

MLS THINKS YOU CAN LIVE IN NYC ON $12,900 PER YEAR: The WASHINGTON POST reports on one of the surest signs MLS is in sterling shape for the future: “The average guaranteed salary in MLS is $115,432, but drops to $82,901 without the four designated players.

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The WP’s Steven Goff reports David Beckham will make $6.5M this year, and New York Red Bulls forward Juan Pablo Angel, NYRB midfielder Claudio Reyna, and Chicago Fire forward Cuauhtemoc Blanco, who like Beckham all inked deals under the broken down designated-player rule, will each rake in more than $1M this season.

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Meanwhile, the LOS ANGELES TIMES recently reported there are 57 players earning the league minimum of $12,900 and 36 players earning $17,700 (out of around 350 rostered league players).

New York Red Bulls

MLS players union head Bob Foose: “A third of the league has to ask their parents for money to pay the rent … There‚Äôs no way you can live on a developmental salary. In L.A., D.C., New York? No way.

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On the bright side, the salary structure means Beckham, Montoya, Reyna and Blanco find it easy to get their cars detailed after practice - thanks to industrious teammates.