MLS Player Eddie Johnson Drops 85 Thousand On Bling And Grill

MLSer DROPS $85K ON “JEWEL-ENCRUSTED MOUTHPIECE“? Grahame Jones of the LOS ANGELES TIMES has yet another pro athlete outlaying huge gobs of cash on bling. No, we aren’t talking about an NBA player, MLBer or even an NFL suspect-to-be. In an upset bigger than Chris Berman employing a box of tissues, an MLS player is the source of the story: Eddie Johnson of the Kansas City Wizards.

Eddie Johnson

Johnson and the Wizards were in L.A. over the weekend to play Chivas USA, and a team spokesman said Johnson, 23, had splashed out $85,000 on a new watch, necklace and a jewel-encrusted mouthpiece, ‘like a retainer,’ to add a few diamonds to the Johnson smile.


Memo to the very, very whiteteam spokesman” for the Wiz: the “jewel-encrusted mouthpiece” is a GRILL.