MLB Bust Matt Bush Arrest Video a Crying Shame

You might remember Matt Bush as the San Diego Padres’ No. 1 overall pick in the 2004 draft. More likely, you remember him from later roles, including “Padres Top Draft Pick in Drunken Brawl (Parts I and II),” “Padres Cut Top Draft Pick After He Drunkenly Hurls Lacrosse Player” and “Blue Jays Cut Former Padres Top Draft  After He Drunkenly Chucks Baseball At Woman’s Head.

Matt Bush baseball card

(Probably about as valuable as a Vince Coleman rookie card.)

What he lacks in versatility he seems to make up for in commitment to character: the guy was born to play a drunken idiot. So it comes as little surprise the THE SPORTING BLOG has news of his latest part: “Former Draft Pick Bawling His Eyes Out After DUI Arrest.” And judging by the video of the performance after the jump, this could be his finest performance to date:

Bush allegedly was drunk when he backed into a parked car in the San Diego suburb of Mission Valley on June 28. This was after he was seen throwing objects at passing cars at 1:40 in the afternoon, including hitting the same car he would back into with a belt buckle. Ironically, this is the only hit Bush has ever had in San Diego.

Authorities have charged Bush with drunk driving, resisting arrest and two counts of vandalism following the incident, which Bush pleaded not guilty to last week. If I were him now that this video has surfaced, I’d consider changing my plea from “Not Guilty” to “Please Don’t Throw My Sorry Rear End in Big Boy Prison.”

It’s been a busy time for Bush - just last Friday he agreed to a plea deal stemming from his February arrest after starting an altercation with several members of the Granite Hills High lacrosse team for no good reason. His lawyer claims that Bush is “in rehab,” which must be the same kind of rehab that Amy Winehouse goes to (i.e. a bar). Someone call Dr. Drew Pinsky and see if there’s a bed ready for him at “Celebrity Rehab 4.”