MLB To Give Two-Minute Warning To News Sites

DEADSPIN via THE BIZ OF BASEBALL gets out the stopwatch, as Major League Baseball is enforcing a new 120-second limit on online material.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays watch

Starting this season, media websites cannot have more than two minutes of audio or video made from “league facilities”, and game highlights are “restricted only to rights holders that have a separate rights deal with MLB Advanced Media.”

Also, the news sites can’t post more than 7 photos from a game and can’t create their own photo galleries. In addition, “non-text content created at MLB ballparks cannot stay up on a news outlet Web site for more than 72 hours.”

The new policy is similar to the NFL’s 45-second rule that allows even less footage for online news organizations.

But leave it to D-Spin’s Will Leitch to put MLB’s new rule into perspective: “Just 120 seconds! Sheesh, that’s not even one Steve Trachsel pitch.”

Oh, snap!