MLB Players Are Scared Of Staying In Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Brewers have seen a resurgence over the past three years after sitting mostly dormant for the 20 or so years following their lone World Series appearance. And while you might attribute that to such things as developing good talent or having Bud Selig less involved, the real answer is pretty clear — the hotel road teams use in Milwaukee is totally haunted!

Pfister hotel

The Pfister is the hotel in question, and it has hosted every U.S. president since McKinley. But a growing list of opposing players told the ASSOCIATED PRESS that they’d rather sleep in a tent on I-43 than spend another night in this place. The Brewers probably don’t mind the assistance from beyond, but don’t expect any of them to stay there either.

Carlos Gomez of the Twins eloquently sums up what’s wrong with the place:

“Everything’s scary,” Gomez said. “Everything in the hotel, the paintings and pictures, it’s a lot of old, crazy stuff. No good, man. No good.”

Apparently, the one behind all the shenanigans is the ghost of the guy who started the hotel, who seems like a pretty friendly ghost, so I’m not sure why he’d want to creep everyone out.

Gomez, who says he got out of the shower once and found his iPod playing music he didn’t put on, isn’t the only player who’s getting freaked out:

Gomez, San Francisco’s Pablo Sandoval, St. Louis’ Brendan Ryan and several Florida Marlins all say they’ve had odd experiences, though Ryan later said nothing really happened. Others aren’t willing to talk publicly about what they’ve seen and heard.

Brewers visiting clubhouse manager Phil Rozewicz has heard it all from sleepy-eyed players who would rather hang out at Miller Park than spend one minute more than they have to at the Pfister.

“There was a rookie ball player and he was back in his room and he woke up in the middle of the night and his blinds were open, the window was opened and he was panicked,” Rozewicz said. “So he went into the bathroom, splashed water on his face, came back out and went to bed. Shut the blinds, the window. Woke up in the morning. Same thing. Slept on the couch in the lobby the next night. Refused to go to his room. Finally, went to a Motel 6 or whatever up the street and just stayed there.”

The hotel doesn’t do any wonders for its reputation on its official website, using pictures of spooky blank-faced models wearing all black to showcase its “elegance”:

Pfister hotel

It makes you wonder why, if players can’t sleep, that teams would continue to stay in this place. Is there really not another luxury hotel in Milwaukee? Can’t they just stay at the Miller brewery or something?