MLB Officials Are First To Take Canseco Seriously

The NEW YORK POST reports that two Major League Baseball investigators met with Jose Canseco during a reading Wednesday of his new stirring bildungsroman “Vindicated” at the Barnes and Noble in midtown Manhattan, which was just coincidentally a few blocks down from their office.

“A baseball source said yesterday they wanted to open a line of communication with Canseco.

‘His exact words were, ‘Why now?’ ‘ said Canseco’s lawyer, Robert Saunooke, who attended the meeting. “Why not three years ago, why now? They agreed 100 percent. The point is well-taken and we told them once the book tour is over we will be more than happy to talk with them and see what, if anything, we can do, and whatever we can do to help.”

The timing may seem a bit late, but the Dept. of Investigations was just established in January in response to the Mitchell Report, which was released Dec. 13.”

Baseball? Dragging its feet with investigating steroid allegations? I won’t hear it. Just like they wouldn’t hear the allegations years ago.

Of course, by talking with him after the book tour, they mean they’ll never pay him any more mind and act surprised when the accusations about Alex Rodriguez are found to be true in a few months.