MLB Loves Jackie Robinson (But Not With Cash)

Today happens to be Jackie Robinson Day, which is how we always know it’s time to beg the IRS for an extension. As noted previously, Major League Baseball will celebrate the day with ceremonies galore and by allowing everyone in North America to wear Robinson’s number.

Bud Selig and Rachel Robinson

As we all know, though, the true commitment by a corporation to a cause involves money. Corporations thrive on press releases and MLB can throw a ceremony at the drop of a hat (and the Drop of a Hat ceremony promises to be great again this season). That’s why MLB will fully fund a Jackie Robinson Scholarship for each ballclub. Fantastic!

How much will this scholarship cost? $1.2 million. Total. All 30 clubs. How… thoughtful.

As SONS OF STEVE GARVEY points out, that’s $400 for every player on an active roster today. For MLB Advanced Media, $1.2m doesn’t even pay for the Quality Assurance department for (Hey, that’s where the money came from…)

We’ve always granted Bud Selig truly loves Jackie Robinson, so this baffles us. This is a press release level of money and not a true splash. One of the few inalienable rights any commissioner has involves the General Fund, no? Flaunt it, Bud. Reach deep into the coffers.

And here’s our promise: we’ll pretend baseball is wildly unprofitable at the next collective bargaining agreement talks if you add a zero in there somewhere.