MLB Demands Cape Cod League’s Lunch Money

The fledgling baseball league called Major League Baseball is trying to squeeze some money out of the juggernaut Cape Cod Baseball League. Oh, wait, it’s the other way around?

Cape Cod League hat

(That’s a mighty fine hat. MLB would like 11 percent of it now, please.)

BOSTONIST found a story in the CAPE COD TIMES about MLB’s attempt to force six CCBL teams that share nicknames with MLB teams to purchase their uniforms and merchandise from MLB-licensed vendors, with the threat of cutting off their annual $100,000 grant.

Considering the Cape Cod League employs mostly volunteers, and the league’s operating budget is no more than $2 million, bullying a league like that is not exactly a noble gambit. Yet at the same time, six of those 10 team names were willfully janked from MLB. At the time, it was probably no big deal because the league was nothing. Now it actually pulls in enough cash for MLB to try and grab some of it.

“Originally, the Cape League had until 5 p.m. [Friday] to sign the agreement. The deadline was extended to March 21, allowing Cape League officials more time to research the issue.

The Cape League hopes to reach a compromise with MLB that will allow local merchants to remain involved in sales of uniforms and other merchandise. The league is also seeking to delay a new agreement until Sept. 1, thus avoiding losing revenue in the 2008 season.”

Easy solution here. Stave off MLB’s grubby mitts until the end of the season, then change the names.