Blog-O-Rama: Pumped About Sox Steroids Shirt

• DEADSPIN hits the clearance rack, as they find the perfect premiere item for the Mitchell Report apparel line:

Red Sox shirt Mitchell Report

• Speaking of ‘roid ragers, STEROID NATION is juiced up that Todd Sauerbrun was punted from the Broncos roster.• THE LAZY EYE OF STUART SCOTT finds the connection between Barack Obama, Coach K and Bill Parcells.

• BAD JOCKS lets it all hang out, as they expose their choices of the top naked sports stories of 2007:

Nicole Begg Nude Photo New Zealand Speed Skater

• Mike DeCourcy of SPORTING NEWS can’t stop yawning in anticipation of the upcoming bowl season.• John Ziegler of TIGERWOODSISGOD.COM finally gets a chance to speak to his divine inspiration.

• GOING FIVE HOLE skates over the ice-shattering news that Peter Puck is making a comeback.

Not sure what we’re talking about? Here’s a video sample:

• The BBC revs up news that British Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton was caught speeding in France.• PETA shakes up some holiday fun with this Michael Vick online snow globe.