Blogs: Mitchell Report Poem, Flames Music Video

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT settles by the fire, as they recite “Twas The Night Before The Mitchell Report“:

Barry Bonds Sign

• 100% INJURY RATE dictates news that a coaching candidate for the England soccer team likes him some Generalissimo Franco.• JOE SPORTS FAN unleashes another batch of patented worthless baseball cards.

SI’s EXTRA MUSTARD gets down & funky with the Calgary Flames in this Red Hot music video from the ’80s:

• WITH LEATHER recognizes that Larry Bird was a great basketball, but man, could he sell jeans.• DC SPORTS BOG talks smack - delicious Fred Smoot brand Smack!

• WITH MALICE takes a long look at a traditional Japanese sporting activity - binocular soccer:

• THE BIG LEAD laughs with glee that a 46-year-old female comic recently got bare with a Chicago Bear.• HOME RUN DERBY is patently surprised that the website has been registered by Major League Baseball.