Mitch Report: Lakers Now Your NBA Title Favorites

Lakers TV announcer John Ireland sent over a note today that gave us a smile:

Lakers Vegas Favorites

“I just checked and for what it’s worth, the Lakers are now the favorites to win the NBA Championship at 2-1. The Celtics are 5-2; the Spurs 6-1 and Pistons 15-2. Suns are 7-1 for now. How crazy is that?”

Yes, for Lakers fans, like us, that’s good news. But not necessarily for the reasons you may think.

We’re happy that team owner Jerry Buss is no longer stressing about his current club, and can go back to more important things. Like hiring more *assistants* who will go on to pose nude in skin mags while starring in inane reality shows.

Jennifer Braff Nude

And anyone who knows beleaguered Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak understands what a wonderful guy he is (really). It’s terrific to see him being lauded for the team’s turnaround, after some astute player personnel judgements (Andrew Bynum) and trades (Pau Gasol).

But it’s not-so-great news for those of us with C.K.F. (Chronic Kobe Fatigue). Time to refill our medication.