Mitch ‘Blood’ Green at 51: Still Eloquent, Still Bitter

Mitch “Blood” Green, the former boxer best known for being beaten by Mike Tyson both in and out of the ring in the late 80s, spoke with THE SWEET SCIENCE for a phone interview this week; proving that Green is not only still alive but he also owns a telephone.

Mitch Blood Green and Mike Tyson

The guy pictured above falling victim to Tyson’s fist, from their 1986 bout in Madison Square Garden, is now 51 years old. But his age is getting in the way of his desire to…wait for it…get back in the ring.

The former gang leader turned boxer doesn’t even care what shape the ring is either. He’s willing to step in to an octagon, although I’m sure he really knew there was a difference. When asked about his future plans, He tells TSS, “Ultimate fighting, wrestling, whatever.

And who would he like to face? Did you even need to ask. “Michelle Cicely Tyson!” That’s the clever nickname the wordsmith Green has given to the former champ/video game icon/rapist.

The interview goes from really strange to jaw dropping bizarre when Mitch hands the phone over to a guy with the last name King. No not Don King, Green wouldn’t be in the same room as his former promoter - “Don King took my money.  Don Queen messed me up real bad” the guy named King is his dentist. Not only is Kind working on Green’s pearly whites, he’s also taken on the task of trying to get Mitch back into the fight game.

King says, “I’m telling you he is the next big thing in ultimate fighting. It’s a huge draw in Vegas.  Right now I have two people who are looking to take him to Bahrain, Dubai and Egypt.

I’d fly to Egypt to watch that, mostly because I’d want to know what effect the dry air of the Middle East would have on Green’s jheri curl?

The man with a “heart of gold” according to his dentist is hoping to find fame from his gift for the spoken word, telling TSS:

“Remember that show “Best Damn Sports Show”, I got on there and called Tyson a “homosexual”!  I love to talk, I’m original, I’m always talking!”

In case you don’t remember: