Mistress #3 Kalika Moquin Denies Affair With Tiger

The third woman named as having an affair with Tiger Woods, Kalika Moquin (photos, video) of Las Vegas, has now denied having an affair with the Tiger Woods. That comes after she failed to deny the intial report of their alleged three-year relationship.

Kalika Moquin Pics Tiger Woods Mistress


“Sometimes I’ll deal with celebrities on my job on a day-to-day basis just to touch base with people. But it’s completely untrue that there’s anything more than a professional ‘How are you doing? Are you enjoying your time in Vegas?’ conversation [with Tiger].”

Remarkable how much that denial sounds like what Uchitel has stated many times in her denials.

And that’s not what a source identified as a “close friend” of Moquin told me last night about the alleged mistress’ relationship with Woods.

“Kalika is a close friend, I’ve been waiting for this to surface all week. The last time she was out with him was the week before Halloween. They’ve been together for three years now.

USMagazine.com also has a source that claims Moquin’s denials are false:

“She was absolutely sleeping with him. She brags about it!” the insider says, noting that Woods and Moquin spent the night of Oct. 22 together in his MGM Grand suite–the same spot where Grubbs and Woods first hooked up, Grubbs told Us. The married golfer, 33, even “stayed an extra night in Vegas to spend time with [Moquin].”

Not that Moquin was Woods’ only choice of sexual partners on that Vegas trip. The source confides, “there were at least two girls in Vegas fighting over who was going to go home with him.”

As stated, it’s interesting that Moquin didn’t deny she had been with Woods in the initial report about his infidelity with her. So why is she now denying the accusation? Do you think something may have been transacted taken place between her and Woods’ reps during that time? Not to mention US Magazine?