Mizzou Wants To Say Toodle-oo To Fan’s Website

The KANSAS CITY STAR reports that the University of Missouri is suing a St. Louis attorney to shut down his fan site. Strangely, it’s the same site that the school had a chance to buy seven years ago - for $50.

Mizzou -or more specifically, the school’s licensing company - is demanding Richard Lorazo close down his missouritigers.com blog, and provide financial records of all merchandise sold through his site.

Mizzou Kitty Logo

However, Lorazo contends that his MU-inspired logo, the Kitty, isn’t breaking any trademark laws. And his clothing line hasn’t been such a bonanza, as he told the COLUMBIA TRIBUNE, “I think I sold one thing in the last two years.”

But will Richard allow himself to be pussy-whipped by the Tigers?

Apparently not:

The bottom line here is that this is a silly, juvenile little fan blog that has been nothing more than an amusement for me. If they want to acquire it, then they can approach me. But to throw me up against the locker and shake me down for it, my reaction is going to be ‘No’.”

In fact, all the new attention can be a boon to Lorazo’s t-shirt business: “It’s ironic because now I bet I can sell a whole bunch of things.”

Missouri t-shirt buring Lawrence

Besides, there’s worse fashions he could be shilling.