Missouri Shirt Featuring Kansas Town Burning Has Jayhawks Fans Fuming

MU SHIRT W/LAWRENCE BURNING HAS KU FANS STEAMED: #3 Kansas and #5 Missouri will be facing off in Kansas City on Thanksgiving weekend. (Imagine that - a game at Arrowhead Stadium that actually means something!)

Mark Mangino Missouri Faurot Field

We’re getting stoked for the KU-Mizzou match-up like Mark Mangino having a full turkey to himself.The victor will claim the Big 12 North title, and have the chance to get creamed by Oklahoma in San Antonio (or in MU’s case, get creamed again).

The Kansas-Missouri feud has been a heated rivalry, even back to the days of the Civil War (No, not that Civil War). But a new shirt offered up by some Tigers backers have Jayhawks fans boiling mad.

Missouri t-shirt buring Lawrence

The offensive shirt shows a picture of the town of Lawrence burning after an 1863 attack by the Missouri-based Quantrill’s Raiders.But It wasn’t just some college prank gone awry - the invading pro-Confederates torched the Union-supporting town while killing 150 people.

Some would see the MU shirts the equivalent of Packers fans wearing parkas with scenes of the 1871 Chicago Fire, or worse, Virginia fans wearing tees featuring the crazed Virginia Tech gunman from last April’s mass shooting.

However, some Jayhawks fans have stitched together their own answer to the yellow-bellied shirt:

Kansas John Brown shirt

The man with the rifle and bible is John Brown, noted 19th-century abolitionist who also used violence to get his message across.So it should be a hot time in KC right after Turkey Day. Unless KU blows it against Iowa State (the Cyclones have won two in a row), or Mizzou gets declawed by K-State.