Mission Impossible: NBA Coach To Quit Cursing?

Doug Smith of the TORONTO STAR has Toronto Raptors Coach Sam Mitchell dreaming the impossible dream this season. No, he isn’t imagining an NBA title north of the border.

Sam Mitchell Flips The Bird Will Stop Cursing

(Funny, Sam didn’t mention obscene gestures in his pledge…)

Instead, Mitchell says he is going to go the entire season without cursing.

In a never-ending quest for self-improvement, Sam Mitchell swears that he will swear no more and points to two months of profanity-free living as proof. Those, however, were two summer months with spent mainly with his wife and four daughters; a much sterner test of his willpower comes with the onset of the NBA season and the Raptor coach knows it.

Now, I haven’t had Kris Humphries on the court yet, I haven’t had Jamario (Moon) yet, Those are going to be my tests.

FOUR DAUGHTERS? Don’t sell yourself short, Sam.

The best part of this story though of course is the widely-circulated photo Mitchell is pictured in above.

The reason behind Mitchell’s move is to show his players that since he is constantly challenging himself to improve, so they should too.

Amazing how when coaches are faced with the impossible task of winning a championship with an under-talented team, the things they will do to distract fans from the standings. Now I’m well aware that Bryan Colangelo has done a nice, tidy job in rebuilding the Raps, but honestly, besides comic relief, who gives a damn about Sam excising expletives the entire season?