Miss. State Statement On Cheerleader In Playboy

Dr. Bill Kibler, Vice President of Student Affairs at Mississippi State, has released a statement regarding the school’s reaction to MSU cheerleader Taylor Corley posing nude in Playboy.

Taylor Corley Stone nude cheerleader photos


“If she had identified herself as an MSU Cheerleader or used any of our marks, then the university might have pursued action. However, she was not identified as an MSU student or a cheerleader. The university did not pursue any action when this came to our attention last fall.”

As I reported Monday, Corley remains a current member of the school’s cheerleading squad.

In talking to several sources this morning about the situation, I’ve learned why MSU chose not to remove Corley from the school’s cheerleading squad.

It turns out that Corley posed for Playboy before she enrolled at Mississippi State. By the time anyone at the school knew about Corley’s modeling past - after the Playboy photos came out in November - she was already an upstanding member of the MSU cheer squad.

Corley did sign an agreement, as all cheerleaders at every school do, to not conduct herself in a manner unbecoming an official representative of Mississippi State. But because she posed for Playboy before she enrolled at Mississippi State and, from my sources, has conducted herself as a respectful and responsible member of the MSU cheer squad, the school never seriously considered removing her from the squad.

That isn’t to say there haven’t been complaints lodged to school officials since Corley’s appearance in Playboy. But even if Mississippi State officials wanted to cut her from the squad, because Corley modeled for Playboy before she entered school, the school may have faced a possible uphill legal and public relations battle.

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