Miss. State Playboy Cheerleader: Vh1 Reality Pilot

Three weeks ago I reported that a current Mississippi State freshman cheerleader named Taylor Corley had modeled nude in November for Playboy.

Taylor Corley Stone nude cheerleader photos

After my report, Mississippi State subsequently released a statement about the 18-year-old, with a school official indicating that since Corley had posed for Playboy before she enrolled at MSU, she had been allowed to remain on the MSU cheer squad. (Mississippi State officials were also not aware of her nude modeling when she was offered a cheerleading scholarship.)

Taylor Corley Stone nude cheerleader photos

Wednesday I got in touch with Corley for an update on her situation at State and with Playboy - among other things.

Corley on her future with Playboy:

I’ve been in contact with Playboy, I actually was on the Playboy Morning Show on Playboy Radio this (Wednesday) morning! I’m also in the running for Model of the Year 2011!

Taylor Corley Stone nude cheerleader photos

Corley, who is from Atlanta, on the reality show pilot for which she’s been cast:

I am about to start a new reality TV series called Girl Swagg, it’s a pilot for MTV/VH1 and I’m very excited to move forward with that. This has been planned for a few months now though. I do not have any representation yet, as of right now my mom is just helping me with everything!

When I asked about her future at Mississippi State, Corley responded with:

I’m still out in California right now but I will be returning to MSU by the weekend then off to Atlanta to film the beginning of Girl Swagg!

Earlier this week a Mississippi State-employed administration source told me it was unlikely Corley would return to the school for her sophomore year, though her ultimate status will be determined by Corley and not MSU.

Taylor Corley Stone nude cheerleader photos

In my conversation with her, Corley avoided committing to Mississippi State though I’ve been told that if her showbiz career shows promise, Corley - with mom in tow - has likely seen the last of Starkvegas.

UPDATE: It’s official, Corley has quit the MSU cheerleading squad.

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