Misguided Road Trip Helps Piniella Forget Troubles

Lou Piniella, his thoughts surely consumed by the recent backslide of his Chicago Cubs, could really use a distraction. Thanks to a directionally- challenged first base coach, he got exactly that on Friday.

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE tells the tale of a road trip gone horribly awry.

Manager Lou Piniella and first base coach Matt Sinatro decided to drive to Cincinnati from Chicago on Friday. With Sinatro behind the wheel and directions at hand from a Google search, the two set out at 8 a.m. and headed across the northern part of Indiana and Ohio.

With Piniella catching up on sleep, the pair kept going past the turnoff for Interstate 75 that would take them south to Cincinnati. They kept going east and were closing in on the Pennsylvania border when they realized something was badly wrong.

That’s what happens when you delegate. But Piniella took the bullet for Sinatro like a true leader of men, accepting full responsibility for the missed turn despite the fact that he wasn’t driving or, you know, awake at the time.

“I probably shouldn’t have taken the nap,” Piniella told the Tribune. What he said to Sinatro at the time was likely a little less understanding; I’m picturing Piniella throwing his hat into oncoming traffic and kicking roadside dirt all over the gas pedal as Sinatro nervously studies an upside-down map.

The pair eventually found the general direction they were supposed to be travelling in, pointed their car at Cincinnati and arrived at the field in plenty of time to see his Cubs’ losing streak extended to six in a 10-2 drubbing by the Reds.

‘Let me tell you: I wanted to get my mind off baseball for a little bit, I sure as heck did,’ Piniella said.

Yeah. For a little bit.