The Bigger Beauty Contest: Miss America Or MLB?

Remember that delightful helmet David Wright of the New York Mets wore last year? Of course you do.

David Wright's Huge Helmet. Minor Leaguers Hate It Too

The helmet is designed to protect a batter from a 100-mph fastball, along with re-entry through the earth’s atmosphere.

Thanks to the Major League Baseball players union, the monstrosity, called the S100 by Rawlings, is not standard issue. Though, much to the delight of minor leaguers, it is required headwear for pros not in The Show.

As minor league baseball players don’t have a union, they’re all stuck with having to wear the helmets because Bud Selig and his bush league cronies got a huge kickback from the helmet manufacturer think it’s a good idea.

Guy Curtright of the GWINNETT DAILY POST has some reax from the Triple-A Gwinnett Braves:

G-Braves infielder Joe Thurston:

“We look ridiculous. I’m not sure I can think of enough horrible things to say about these helmets. As bad as they look and feel, I’d probably be willing to go along with this if I was sure that the helmets really were a lot safer. But I’m not sure about that. What are they going to do next. Make us wear a space helmet when we bat?”

G-Braves outfielder Mitch Jones:

“We have to wear them because the major leaguers won’t. We already had it worse. That’s because we don’t have anyone to stand up for us. The only thing missing is a face mask. You feel, like, 10 years old.”

The funniest part about these comments is that if you look at the helmet these minor leaguers are talking about, it’s actually considerably smaller than what Wright wore last year. The ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION noted that MLB asked Rawlings to make the helmet less bulky during the offseason, and that’s exactly what the baseball equipment company did.

Had Wright never strapped on the hilariously bulbous contraption last season, the reaction of minor leaguers would been very different.

Though if a major league baseball superstar like Albert Pujols decided to wear the s100, do you think the minor leaguers (and major leaguers) would be so disinclined to wear the helmet?

Shame on you for not thinking baseball was a beauty contest!