Minor Leagues: Kids Get Free Food ALL Season?!

With wallets and purses getting lighter all over the country, sports teams are thinking of new ways to keep prices down so fans can attend games. Many teams across professional sports haven’t raised ticket prices this year to help out, so now those overpriced bleacher seats are a little less overpriced.

Of course, for baseball fans, a cheaper alternative for families than trips to Major League games have always been the abundant minor league teams that are all over the country. Well, now thanks to two New Jersey area teams, a trip to the ballpark is about to get a little bit cheaper for struggling families. This season, every kid that enters the ballpark is going to get a free meal.


As part of a first-of-its-kind promotion, the Lakewood BlueClaws (Low Class A; Sally League) and Trenton Thunder (Class AA; Eastern League) have announced all children will eat for free at every 2009 home game.

Both teams have expressed a clear desire to help area families in the current economic climate. This includes directly providing unprecedented value for area residents and positively contributing to local communities in these challenging times. The program covers 141 games between the two clubs.

“We want to bring some joy back to Jersey,” said Joe Finley, President of both ballclubs. “Our teams are an important part of their respective communities, and this is our way of helping everyone in both areas.”

Okay, since they’re going to be giving away free food to the kids, I’m not going to make fun of the Lakewood BlueClaws for playing in the Sally League. It’s really hard not too, though.  I mean, was the Pansy League too tough?

All in all, this is a pretty awesome idea, and one that Major League teams may want to consider. I mean, the food at sporting events is already ridiculously overpriced, so it’s not like giving the kids some free grub is going to put a team under, though since most stadiums use outside suppliers to provide food at games, it may be a lot easier said than done.

Whatever the case, I’m going to study up on all the Jonas Brothers records and other various Disney tweens so that I may be able to convince the people at the ballpark that I’m only 12 years old.  What can I say? I have no shame and I like hot dogs.