Indians Affiliate Holds Their Own Cheap Beer Night

The list of Cleveland sports failures is a long and tragic one. Michael Jordan’s shot on Ehlo, the Indians’ 30-year basement stay, the pillaging of the Browns, the list goes on and on, and we’re on a deadline here, folks. Perhaps the most famous example of sporting Mistakes by the Lake came at 1974’s infamous 10-Cent Beer Night, when the Indians offered up cheap Stroh’s by the armful and ended up with a full-scale 25,000 person riot on their hands.

Cleveland Indians 10 Cent Beer Night 1974

And while riots are generally something to be avoided in the major leagues, in the minor leagues they just think of them as “fan participation.” That explains why the Indians’ single-A affiliate decided to honor the 35th anniversary of 10-Cent Beer Night with … 5-Cent Beer Night. But this time, they pulled it off flawlessly. Hooray beer!

This being the 21-century nanny state that it is and not the heady days of the ’70s, circumstances changed just a little since the Cleveland melee. Bad for angry alcoholics, good for everyone else. CNBC’s Darren Rovell crunched the numbers:

Beer was only served from when the game opened (6 pm) to when the game started (7 pm). Each cup of beer was five ounces and fans could only get two cups per person.

The team served 2,000 cups of beer, according to Jonathan Levey, the team’s director of promotions. But it appears like lines were long enough so that it would be physically impossible for an average adult to get drunk.

The attraction of beer is amazing. Think about it this way: 1,000 people showed up to stand in line at a minor league baseball for the equivalent of one 10-oz. cup of beer - Less than one can of beer. While we don’t begrudge anyone their desire for beer, wouldn’t it have been easier and faster to just walk (not drive, natch) to the nearest dive bar and get a can of PBR for a buck-fitty? Ah, who are we kidding? Lake County Captains, you have done the impossible, and for that we congratulate you.