Minor League Groundskeeping Can Be a Real Drag

Sometimes working for a minor league team can be a real drag - literally.

Winston Salem Warthogs grounds crew in drag

Benjamin “Benny” Hill of MLB’s BEN’S BIZ BLOG reveals that the lovely(?) ladies(?) above are actually macho male employees of the Winston Salem Warthogs. Does this mean that baseball’s equal opportunity employment program also covers transvestites?

Possibly, but in this case, the on-field dress-up is all for a good cause.

Once a year, the Carolina League club makes some of its manly front office staff dress up in women’s clothing and do some in-game infield yardwork - all in the name of charity. (No, not this Charity - although if it would get her attention, plenty of guys would be willing to slide on some skirts & blouses.)

Benny explains how these lucky few lasses lads were chosen:

How it works is simple. In the two weeks leading up to the big day (which occurred on July 5th), fans were asked to donate money to the front office member who they would most like to see “Drag in Drag”.

And this year’s drag show turned out to be a beauty, as the event raised $3,000 for the local chapter of the Special Olympics.

For next year’s edition, we suggest the Warthogs add the next logical step in these kind of crossdressing festivities - a “drag” race! (Insert your own Sausage Race joke here.)

Oscar de la Hoya photos dressed like a woman

And maybe they can invite Oscar De La Hoya to throw out the first pitch.

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