Minny’s McKinnie Might Have Problem W/Authority

One of the key figures in the Minnesota Vikings’ raucous high seas adventure two years ago, Bryant McKinnie, finds himself once again (allegedly) outside the law after his possible role in a street melee in Miami last weekend.

Bryant McKinnie and friends

(Bigger boob: Toccara’s or indoor sunglasses?)

The MIAMI HERALD reports the former Miami Hurricane is accused of starting some ish with a bouncer at a Miami nightclub after initially getting ejected from the premise. And when we say ish, we mean the whacking-you-over-the-head-with-a-metal-pole kinda.

After watching McKinnie stroll over to Gold Rush, a strip club across the street, police cleared the area, the report said. But by 6:30 a.m., the officers were called back to Club Space by a parking attendant reporting a fight and a large crowd gathered to watch. Police found the burly McKinnie in the middle ”throwing punches and again screaming obscenities” at the bouncer who had kicked him out of Club Space.

McKinnie added to the fun by spitting on the bouncer and crowning him with the aforementioned, massive metal object.

Post-Love Boat, McKinnie received a huge contract extension after being accused of performing oral sex in public during the team-sponsored debacle. With this latest news, we figure Zygi Wolf’s next move is to give him a piece of the team.

UPDATE: More on the story from the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE.