Minnesota Twins Ready To Save Your Life With Peanut Free Section

THE MINNESOTA TWINS ARE READY TO SAVE YOUR LIFE: The MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE reports four Twins home games at the Metrodome will be “peanut-free” in the right-field Skybox section for those allergic to the ground-borne, chewable germ.

Ballpark Peanuts Twins

Twins VP of Marketing Patrick Klinger: “If you’re allergic to peanuts and you’re trying to enjoy the game and the gentleman next to you is eating that bag of peanuts, it could be fatal.


The team held one peanut-free day last year with “limited publicity” and it drew 70 customers. This year Klinger is “confident the 110-seat Skybox … will sell out.

ATTN Metrodome workers: Just in case you aren’t completely clear on the critical procedures of stadium food-service employees, here’s a Metrodome training video that just might save a life:

Metrodome Retro Training Video