Minnesota Twins GM Terry Ryan Resigns After 13 Years of Service

TWINS GM SAYS “PUCKETT”, WILL RESIGN AFTER 13 YEARS: Terry Ryan is no longer running the show in the Metrodome:

Terry Ryan Twins

The MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE reports the Twins GM is hanging up the cleats after 13 years of managerial service to the Minnesota ball club. Assistant GM Bill Smith will be taking over his duties, effective at the end of the month.

Ryan admitted it was time to move on, but will remain as a team scout and senior advisor to Smith, who’s actually been on the Twins payroll for the past 22 years.

Carl Pohlad Metrodome

In his decade-and-a-third of leadership, Ryan has been able to put together a yearly pennant-chasing team on a shoestring budget, pulled by a billionaire owner who made his fortune foreclosing farms.

He’s also had to deal with possible franchise contraction during the Expos’ ownership saga, and having to play home games in a non-traditional and non-enjoyed venue.

Now it’ll be up to Smith to keep stars like Torii Hunter and Johan Santana from getting yanked by the Yankees or raided by the Red Sox.